C++ Core Guidelines

A quick info. Last week the most hot Github repository was... C++ Core Guildelines. During CppCon 2015 Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter announced, that they started writing a document, which will describe how to properly use C++ language. They claim… more »

Mirrorless cameras - update

Mirrorless cameras - update
In one of previous posts I wrote that I want to buy a mirrorless camera. You can read about my types here:  http://ziobron.net/quick-review-of-mirrorless-cameras After staying late nights reading specifications, reviews and comparing all the mentioned… more »

Detecting unused code

Probably you know, that there are some compiler flags which helps you to detect unused code. These are -Wunused or -Wunreachable-code. Please refer to stackoverflow.com for more information. But such a flags can only tell you about local usages of some… more »

Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Principal Component Analysis is one of a method which compresses data used for machine learning algorithms. It can be used as a standalone clustering algorithm. The main idea behind it is that usually, the data we have are not linearly independent. Of… more »

Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars
Today we are at dawn of the new era. Cars withour drivers are coming. Motorisation companies say that by 2020 they will produce an autonomous cars, which will drive 100% of the way, from the begining to the end. Of course there are numbers of… more »

Japanese WalkCar

Japanese company cocoa motors Inc. presented it's crazy invention. A device called WalkCar, looks lika a tablet with small wheels. When you stand on it, it starts driving. Just watch the video. And what do you think? more »

Trying out Windows 10

About one month ago I ordered a Chinese tablet Chuwi Vi10, which came out with preinstalled Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4. Yesterday a free upgrade to Windows 10 appeared on the screen. I decided to check it out. I need to mention that I also have a… more »

Quick review of mirrorless cameras

I started my adventure with photography with Sony Alpha A300 DSLR camera. It was really good camera for beginners in photography. I learned how to make good quality photos with it. But one year ago I decided to sell it and buy someting more powerful. I… more »

Typedef vs using (C++11)

C++11 introduced a new usage of using keyword. Now it can be used as a typedef alias. Let’s look how does it work. typedef std::vector::iterator StringVectorIterator;  using StringVectorIterator = std::vector::iterator; Both… more »

Some variation on magic bool values in UTs

Good coding practices require to name variables properly. You know, better have a longer name counter instead of cntr. Someone may confuse it with container let’s say. But how to avoid meaningless magic values in Unit Tests? I wanted to consider only… more »
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