About me

I'm a simple man born in 1988 in a small town in Poland called Wieluń. I studied Computer Science at Wrocław University of Technology and I stayed there up till now. Currently I work as a Software Engineer in one of global corporation, but this is not my only role. I used to use C++ on a daily basis, but recently I tried proffessional programming in Python.

I was a Scrum Master.

I was a Code Reviewer.

I am an occasional trainer/speaker. I conducted a few lectures on University of Wrocław and Wrocław University of Technology about Modern C++ (11, 14, 17) and Memory Management in C++ as a part of course Practical Aspects of Software Engineering. I gave a speech on AMPPZ on Modern C++ as well. I conducted internal company trainings on Modern C++. One of my biggest achievement was a talk on code::dive conference in November 2015 titled "Machine learning and image processing (not only) in autonomous vehicles". I also delivered a presentation on Wrocław C++ User Group about history and future of C++. And I presented Contract Programming concept on internal company's community meetings.

I love to learn new things and I do it almost every day, whenever I can. I learn foreign languages (Spanish and German currenty, Japanese, Russian in past), elements of programming languages (C++17, Python), artificial intelligence systems, machine learning, image processing, economy, finances, investing, soft skills, running own bussines, how to rule the world ;) and many, many others.

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