C++ conferences: CppCon 2016 & code::dive 2016

C++ conferences: CppCon 2016 & code::dive 2016

Yesterday my phone informed me about CppCon 2016 conference. A few videos are already available on YouTube. What amazed me was the topic that Bjarne Stroustrup presented there - The Evolution of C++ Past, Present and Future. You can watch it right here:

You may ask me, why that topic surprised me. So, it's because of my presentation on code::dive conference, which will be held on 14-15th November 2016 in Nowe Horyzonty Cinema in Wrocław. I am one of the speakers on that conference and the talk, that I prepared is titled: (R)evolution of C++. So this is nice surprise, that even Bjarne talks about the same things as I wanted. I want to say here, that I was first, because when I declared my topic I didn't know about Bjarne this year's presentation :). I already delivered simillar presentation over 2 years ago: The history and future of C++ (in Polish).

Another interesting thing from yesterday is that I was conducting a training on Modern C++ internally in my work together with my colleague Kamil. We were talkling about inter alia uniform variable initialization in C++ and std::initializer_list. From Bjarne's video we've learned that the code like this

auto variable = {1, 2, 3}

Will be illegal in C++17, but it is legal now and the type of variable is std::initializer_list.

I'm writing right now about C++ conferences, so taking that advantage I wanted to invite you to code::dive conference, especially to my talk. You can register on conference page. It's free of charge and there will be several well known C++ celebrities, so see you there :)

C++ conferences: CppCon 2016 & code::dive 2016
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