Videos from code::dive 2016 are available on code::dive YouTube channel

You can watch there 2 of my talks:

Modern C++ tips & tricks

(presented by me and Kamil Szatkowski)

Do you think you know C++11 and C++14 well? Do you know what can you capture in C++ lambdas? When std::move is not necessary? When delete keyword will not help you? What types does auto deduce? Come, check your knowledge and have fun.


(R)evolution of C++

Over the last 5 years development of C++ language speeded up rapidly. Many new features were added in C++11 and improved later on in C++14. Even Bjarne Stroustrup said that "C++11 feels like a new language". Moreover, in the next year we expect another major version of language - C++17. Most of you remember "the good, old days", when C++03 was the prevalent version of C++. The language was much simpler than it is right now, because there weren't so many features, which could help a developer to write good and clean code, but also, developers had less to know about C++. During this presentation you will be taken to the journey from C with classes to C++17. You will get to know how did C++ look like tens of years ago, how it evolved and where does it go.


Have fun watching them :)

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